Shredders - MRD Series


  • Shredders - MRD Series
  • Shredders - MRD Series
  • Shredders - MRD Series


Low Rotation Double-Shaft Shredders

Low Rotation Double-Shaft Shredders, specially designed for primary reduction of different materials (tires, wood, plastic or metallic drum containers). Shredders in this series are equipped with shaft rotation electronic reverse in overload

Model Actuation Working area (mm)
MRD 49-51 Electric 490x510
MRD 70-72 Electric 490x510
MRD 75-100 Electric/Hydraulic 750x1000
MRD 85-100 Electric/Hydraulic 850x1000
MRD 100-100 Electric/Hydraulic 1000 x 1000
MRD 100-140 Electric/Hydraulic 1000x1400

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